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Vital Connect’s HealthPatch

Vital Connect’s amazing HealthPatch™ works with SweetBeatLife. The HealthPatch biosensor has two components: the reusable sensor module and the disposable patch.

The HealthPatch detects the following biometric measurements:Vital Connect's HealthPatch™

  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Skin Temperature
  • *Body Posture including Fall Detection/Severity
  • Steps
  • *Stress
  • *Sleep Staging
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More information about HealthPatch

* Not recorded or used by SweetBeatLife™. SweetBeatLife uses a proprietary algorithm for determining stress levels.

Bluetooth straps only work on iPhone 4S and 5, iPad 3 , iPod touch 5th generation and newer.

SweetBeat, SweetBeatLife, Nature Beat, and Stress Detective are compatible with the following Bluetooth® enabled sensors:

SweetBeat also works with these popular health sensors:
SweetBeatLife. Nature Beat, and Stress Detective will not work with these sensors

Wahoo Fitness - Wireless ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone

Wahoo Heart Rate

Wahoo Fitness dongle or case with Garmin or ANT+ compatible heart rate monitor

60Beat - Wireless Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone

60 Beat

60beat iphone dongle with Polar or other analog compatible heart rate monitor

SweetBeat and SweetBeatLife also works with these health sensors
for food sensitivities ONLY:

SweetBeat is not a medical device or medical application.
SweetWater Health, L.L.C. does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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